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Clark County, Nevada already has some of the most onerous restrictions throughout the country and is working on implementing more! The proposed restrictions will further restrict pet and animal ownership. Changes proposed from mandatory sterilization, Limits on animals a family or individual can own, licenses required to transfer, gift, sell an animal and even inspections by Law Enforcement Officers.

Section 10.08.130 forbids anyone from keeping “more than three of each species of household pet at any one place, or on any premises, or in any residence” without a permit. So you would not be able to own more than 3 of any animal including fish & reptiles.
A special “fancier/foster permit” allows an individual to possess up to six animals, but they must pay $50 a year and have their home inspected by an animal control officer.

The Board of County Commissioners declares that any constrictor snake that can reach six feet in length be labeled an exotic or wild animal. Which it would be illegal to own any constrictor type snake which could, at some point, reach a length of six feet without a special permit.

New permit requirements would require a fee which is not defined on how much, hold a quarter of a million dollars in liability insurance and allow animal control officers to inspect their home “at any reasonable time”.
Chapter 10.30 of Title 10 requires that all animals procured by a retailer or dealer be examined by a veterinarian before it can be offered for sale or adoption and again every 14 days going forward.

Clark County proposed changes requires the sterilization of animals as young as eight weeks old despite concerns by many vets that this could adversely affect their development.

Anyone found to have a puppy, kitten (cat or rabbit), kit (ferret) or piglet that was born to a mother that was supposed to have been spayed can be impounded.  Along with the mother if its nursing as well.

These proposed changes are being pushed by 2 full time H$U$ lobbyists that are being paid to restrict your rights!!

You can view the new code here:

Attend the Commission meeting on November 17th at 9 a.m. in the Clark County Commission Chambers at the Clark County Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway.

Contact the Clark County Commissioners

A list of who to contact:

District A – Commissioner Steve Sisolak(702) 455-3500

District B – Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick(702) 455-3500

District C – Commissioner Larry Brown(702) 455-3500

District D – Commissioner Lawrence Weekly(702) 455-3500

District E – Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani(702) 455-3500

District F – Commissioner Susan Brager(702) 455-3500

District G – Commissioner Mary Beth Scow(702) 455-3500

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